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2018-02-19 14:25:49 -0600

Did you know that you can find us online?

NLEC TV Channel 24.2

We provide inspirational and wholesome family programming. We are a voice for the “voiceless” – sharing stories of the poor so their experiences, hopes, and dreams will not be forgotten. We provide awareness and advocacy for social and environmental injustices in our local and global communities and fundraising support for the humanitarian work of the New Life Evangelistic Center. This app will also connect our community to vital resources as well as help you stay connected with the day-to-day life of New Life Evangelistic Center.

NLEC TV Channel 24.2 is an independent TV station serving Saint Louis, Missouri and its surrounding areas in Missouri and Illinois. Through our daily programming, we reach thousands with the Word of God, important and useful information about Christian living and wholesome, family-oriented entertainment. You can find programming produced by NLEC TV in our NLEC TV App, on our website, on our YouTube Channel and on our Facebook page.

Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program – KKLO

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Outstanding Applications

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Outstanding Applications

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Outstanding Applications

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Public Inspection Files Are Here!

2014-08-04 18:40:35 -0500

You can now access our Public Inspection Files, learn about the Here’s Help Radio Network and listen online all from one website!!! Previously our Public Inspection Files were accessible on another website devoted solely to the files that are required by the FCC to be available to the public.

You can access the files by clicking on the Public Inspection Files link at the top of the page or from the sidebar.


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